Is Instagram Becoming a Thing of The Past?

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How Influencers Can Beat The Instagram Algorithm.

Arielle Segal

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Social media platforms are ever-changing and evolving.

From the introduction of the internet, users are always changing their engagement and looking for “the next big thing.” This can be seen from the movement of users from MySpace to Facebook from Facebook to Instagram and many more! Today both Facebook, and Instagram, have become the most predominant social media platforms with over 1.13 billion daily users on Facebook and over 1.8 billion downloads on Instagram.

But for how long?

Not forever. TikTok—the newest talked about platform, was able to grow over 50% of its users in only a year to reach 1.5 billion downloads and still growing! More and more users are saying that they are spending more time on TikTok and less time on Instagram. These social media giants are not the only ones. People are spending their time across many various apps like Pinterest, VSCO, Snapchat, Triller, and more!

Should influencers be worried? Yes.

Influencers have worked hard to keep up user engagement and increase their followers on Instagram—but now with the increasing popularity of TikTok and other social media platforms, users are abandoning Instagram and risking all the influencer’s hard work.
Influencers have to find a way to keep communication with their followers even if they choose to leave Instagram. Otherwise, the influencer will have to start from scratch on TikTok or any other new social media platforms that will pop-up sooner than expected.

Fortunately for influencers

there is a new way to merge their following across all current social media platforms and future social media platforms. How? By giving influencers the power to have their followers subscribe specifically to them. This means that no matter what platform your fans are on they will be notified and updated on what's going on through the power of push notifications.


enables influencers to migrate any of their followers from one platform to another. They don’t need to worry about restarting on a new platform since InfluPush gives influencers the ability to communicate with their followers regardless of which social media platform they are using. This makes it easier for their fans to engage in all the influencer’s activity across the different social media platforms. For example: “check out my new Youtube video,” “Go like and comment on my new IG post,” “Check out my new brand collaboration,” and most importantly—“check out my new TikTok profile.” With InfluPush influencers can stop worrying about the changing trends of social media and feel more secure about having their followers no matter what platform comes into play.

So if you’re stressed about how you will maintain your followers among the sea of social media platforms then take the control into your own hands. InfluPush is the newest tool that gives you the capability to do exactly that. Simply create your account and start gaining subscribers. Now you have the ability to notify them on any announcements straight to their devices as a push notification: Each subscriber gets the notification to their phone, computer, or tablet as a push-notification, just like they would from any other network like Instagram, Facebook, or iMessages.

This new tool is giving influencers a secret power that has been hidden for years

So stop worrying, and start building your InfluiPush channel so you will be able to create your own user engagement flow, easily and more simply, all in one place!

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