How Influencers Can Beat The Instagram Algorithm

Trust us you’ll want to know this.

How Influencers Can Beat The Instagram Algorithm.

Arielle Segal

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So how does the new Instagram algorithm actually work?

The truth is no one knows. Unlike the previous Instagram algorithm, where we could predict and understand its behavior, the new algorithm is a black box. Many have tried to understand how it works but have come up with dead ends since the algorithm differs from user to user. As a result, it has become nearly impossible for influencers to understand the right way to post on Instagram.

So here’s the problem:

While influencers have been working hard to gain more and more followers, Instagram's new algorithm reduces exposure to only a small percentage of these followers—leaving influencers with nothing but a hope that their fans will see the content they posted. In other words, user engagement is being decreased more and more over time.

So how can influencers beat the Instagram algorithm?

The answer is simple:

Push notifications. Influencers can now change the user engagement flow by using the tremendous power of push notifications. Influencers should be the ones who have the control to notify their followers of what they post and keep their followers engaged. Until today, push notifications were a capability that was only available to big networks and app developers (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube..etc.). But now, InfluPush, a new tool for influencers, makes this power available for influencers. InfluPush allows influencers to engage directly with their followers and beat the Instagram algorithm.

So, if you’re an influencer who wants to stop worrying about the inconsistent Instagram algorithm and wants to take control back into your own hands, InfluPush is the perfect tool for you! It’s simple, just create your account and start gaining subscribers. You’ll get the ability to send out new announcements straight to your follower’s devices. Each subscriber receives the notification directly to their phone, computer, or tablet as a push-notification, just like they would from any other network like Instagram, Facebook, or iMessages. Share new updates like a clothing line coming out, a new post put up, a new brand that you are collaborating with, and much more! The options are limitless. InfluPush was designed to take out the middle-man and bring control back to the content creators.

This new tool is giving influencers a secret power that has been hidden for years

So don’t give up because of Instagram’s new algorithm. Take the control back into your own hands with the most powerful influencer tool in the world!

Sign up today & start using InfluPush now! The most powerful influencer communication platform in the world

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